….Walking alone beside the broken lace that hung Over the seas green fist.


- Homer’s Iliad -

300 days, 4 seasons, many emotions, many skies, love, friendship, philanthropy, a single point of view and a sea that’s always counting

Costa Verde, Lima, Peru, 2014

©Copyright Daniel Malka, all rights reserved

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Birds Of Sorrow, June 13th 2014

Rush Hour,  September 23 2014

December 25th 2014

Father’s Day, June 15 2014

FOG, June 1 2014

SILENCE… March 29 2014

Mirror, April 26 2014

To Sasha… Live and Let Live, May 8 2014

The Curved Crack, May 31 2014

Two by Two, July 2014

Creation, September 24 2014

High And Dry, November 8 2014

New Life, November 9 2014

Lima Spring, January 23 2015

In Between, November 20 2014

Like A Rock

Let It Be, November 23 2014

Hide And Seek

Summer, January 26 2015