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It’s been many days, many nights, many emotions, photographs, thoughts, steps and bumps on the road.

I was delayed, but everything happens for a reason.
During these times I discovered the true value of people, family, friends and love.

When you are about to leave on a long journey, you discover the fears and of others and realize that you have none.
Because in the end, life is only about what you believe in with all your heart and your eyes wide open..

Above all, I strenthened the beautiful bond between a daughter and a father. I thank the stars and the angels for that.

In the last months, the sad truth behind my last relationship also appeared. Nevertheless, the love that one offers unconditionally, comes back to him in infinite ways. We are the sum of what we give, not what we take.

As I wrote before, this project is inspired by the sum of my life’s experiences. It separated truth from lies, humanism from ego and selfishness, humility from arrogance, talent from vanity, true love from greed, loneliness from solitude and friendship from interest.

In the end it created bonds of friendship and compassion with unique people, that neither distance or time will ever affect.

So, I’ was delayed yes, but I’m more ready than ever to go on with my task and commitment.

I thank the stars, destiny, my parents, my friend Pietro, Laura, Mariana, Adriano, Yves, my daughter Luna, my new friend Mariana, my friends in Peru and Mexico, and so many other supporters for all their kind words, help, time and for believing in all of this.

I also need to thank Nicky and Rose from Cosmos for being my true family and so much more for the last year. May they be blessed and remain the beatiful people they are. I will miss them every day.

Six months ago I made a commitment.

I am in Peru, a country rich in kindness, compassion, culture and humanism.

The first week has been filled with meetings with contacts, running incredible projects helping children, photographers and friends.
We are all committed in helping and giving the tools and basic necessities to children and their communities in order to create a social improvement and positive change. I will try and do my part through photography.

If we all look in the same direction and do a small part, it will happen.

I am currently working on “HOW THEY SEE”, and at least one other project.

We need to raise $3000 in order to complete the water installation and get other necessities for the children of “HOW THEY SEE”.

If you would like to help with your contribution, please follow the link, donate in kind.

Thank you Peru for opening your arms and heart to our project.

Lima, Peru, October 1st, 2012

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