Mexico En La Sombra Del Tiempo

The tale and photodocumentary of En La Sombra Del Tiempo was photographed with blind eyes, a camera and all the love that one can ever give and express. That the pain that one suffers from a broken heart or a loss is only a measure of the love that one can give (receive), see the world with an open heart, without any fears and with humility, sincerity and dignity. And that, is something that could never be learned or robbed and is the true essence of photography. United by destiny and separated by numbers, we began to share a vision, and the knowledge that everything exposed to light casts a shadow, even time.This photography documentary and story is a tribute to love, desire, passion, nostalgia, pain, hope, surprise, light, shadow,a time that could never be revived, and to never forget. Thanks to Georgina Avila,, all my friends in Mexico and to all the kind people in Mexico.
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