Dance Me To The End Of…Love / Para Empezar a Amar… Hay Que Empezar Por Ver…

The ongoing project Dance Me To The End Of Love, is a document, a story of daily life and a vision of close surroundings shot with an old iPhone, in order for the imperfections, colors and style to symbolize a roller coaster of daily emotions and a journey through memories, grief and healing. The marriage of past and present. About Dance Me To The End… Driven by Love, Broken Love, Life, Broken Life. Friendship Broken Friendships Dreams. Broken Dreams. Words, Broken Words. Grief, Broken Grief. Images, Broken Images. Humanism, Broken Humanism. Reflections Broken Reflections Truth, Broken Truth. Lies, Broken Lies. Justice, Broken Justice. Prayers, Broken Prayers. Time, Broken Time. Solitude, Broken Solitude. Silence memories life the absurd and a never shattered Vision. So... Dance Me To The End Of Love /// Para Empezar a Amar… Hay Que Empezar Por Ver… Para Ver... Hay Que Poder Amar /// SOMOS LO QUE VEMOS. Daniel Malka
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