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I have lived and quite a few things in my life.
As I said in my book VOYAGE, some call it my crazy life, I simply call it my life.

The Daniel Malka Photo Project is the sum of all my dreams, friendships, smiles, tears, laughs, losses, visions, every day’s realities so often forgotten, and all the love and compassion that I have to and can offer.

Life has offered me the chance to be able to see, feel and tell stories.
Destiny has given me the chance to travel and understand that not all under the sun shines.
It has also given me a child, and a great one. I always loved children, their sincerity, their sensitivity and their ability to be amazed.
My daughter always wanted a brother or a sister, I wanted to have 5 or 6 children. Destiny gave me one.

Merging my teaching skills, my experience and vision as a photographer my love for life and humanity, my desire to make a small change in a child’s life as I did for my own, has led me to the creation of this dream and project.

I have decided to dedicate the rest of my life and all my passion in helping as much as I can in bringing as small as it is a social change to the condition of the forgotten thousands of children victims of social injustice, inhuman conditions, wars, greed and remind the world that we all share responsability for the suffering of each child on this planet, simply because we can all help one way or another.

The Daniel Malka Photo Project’s principal goal is to teach these children skills to remind us who they are and that they deserve the same as our own children.
Thy will express the beauty, their love, their smiles their griefs and share their values with the rest of us as thousands of other children around the globe.

We can all help them by supporting in many ways the project. It might carry my name, but this project is not mind, it belongs to all these children that we will be able to help.

I want to thank life and destiny, for bringing me to this point in my life.

I need to thank from the bottom of my heart to all the volunteers and dear friends working day in and day out for this project to become a success, and that soon we are able to buy shoes, medication and so many things that these kids need.

This project is a dream come true not only for me but for all the children we will be able to reach and help smile back at life.


A big part of the inspiration to the project is the music from The National.

I’ll go braving everything
With you swallowing the shine of the summer
I’ll go braving everything
Through the shine of the sun

But I won’t be no runaway
Cause I won’t run
No I won’t be no runaway
Cause I won’t run

The theme song of The Daniel Malka Photo Project is: The Runway by The National