The Daniel Malka Photo Project is operated and administered mostly by photographers, journalists and people from all trades, that work on a volunteer basis to bring social change by encouraging communication by the isolated communities around the world.

Founder: Daniel Malka, Msc, photographer, writer, lecturer. After working for over 20 years as an advertising photographer, Daniel has spent the last 6 years traveling and working on personal projects, documenting the lives of Nomads in the Sahara Desert as well as Indigenous communities in the mountains of Oaxaca in Mexico. He is now in Peru teaching narrative photography to children in remote communities.

Daniel Malka’s collaborator for Spain and Africa, Susana alvarez Martos (Agora espacios creativos, Tarragona)

Operations: Adriano Ciampoli, photographer, IT specialist.

Legal Coucil: Reisa Teitelbaum, Attorney, active in various Human Rights Groups in Canada.

Coordinator for Peru: Mariana Navarro Grau

Collaborator in Peru: Mary Watmough

Creative Director: Boris Matas, Toronto

Art Direction: Luna Malka, photographer, musician, designer and videographer

Web Management: Yves Hache, web programmer and designer

Columbia Coordination: Diana Seluna Fernandez, Designer, photographer and human rights activist with AGAPE

Alexandra Rouff, photographer
Julie Lefebvre, scouter, Indigenous relations for Latin America
Cristina Stanciu, photographer