What We Do

The Daniel Malka Photography project uses creativity as a means of expression, therapy, and communication between children, their families, their environments, and of course the outside world. With an extensive team of photographers, educators, art therapists, and activists, we plan to make a difference in the lives of these children by teaching them to see the world through the lens.

Daniel Malka’s strength as a professor of photography has been to promote creativity and outside-of-the-box thinking as the ultimate means of self-expression and developing one’s individuality. Our goal is to train photographers on-site in order for them to continue to use these skills in countries across the globe.

We hope to reach these children and show them that their creativity and inspiration are priceless, so they can express themselves in a therapeutic and educational way as well as creating global and local awareness about their difficulties and social condition.

The program is tailored according to the needs of the various groups.

The Objectives of The Daniel Malka Photo Project:

- To develop creative thinking
- To recognize their environments
- To show the power of documentation and images
- To create a database and network of photo pals through the internet
- To bring a unique point of view to the outside world through the eyes of the children
– To develop awareness and curiosity towards their environments – To promote values and communication skills
- For all funds from licensing and image sales to be redistributed to the communities and families of the children according to their needs (food, medication, special care, supplies, education, etc.)
- To teach new skills that will allow them to communicate with the outside world short term and long term through the means of photo documentation