The Daniel Malka Photo Project was founded in Montreal, Canada by Daniel Malka, Msc., photographer, writer and lecturer. After working for over 20 years as an advertising, editorial, and fine art photographer in Europe and North America, Daniel Malka has decided to focus all his experience and efforts in helping marginalized and at risk children around the globe.

The Malka Photo Project’s mission is to use innovative methods to train young photographers on location in various countries. Marginalized groups of children between the ages of 7 and 15 will be provided with digital cameras and trained in the basics of photography.

The Project aims to encourage projects on all continents, in collaboration with NGOs, charities and community organizations already on site, creating a worldwide community of young photographers, sharing their world through their eyes.

The goals of The Daniel Malka Photo Project are to:

- Help targeted age groups at critical stages of development

- Teach children new forms of expression through art

- Encourage creativity as a form of expression and intellectual stimulation.

- Allow children to document their lives and habitats from their own point of view

- Use their photographs as a means of communication within their countries, as well as globally

- Increase global awareness in order to help raise more funds and encourage social change

- Exhibit the photographs through art galleries, magazines and online

- Redistribute the funds to the photographer, their family, or affiliated group.