Digital Storytelling to Promote Resilience, Personal Growth & Social Change by The Daniel Malka Photo Project

Digital Storytelling to Promote Resilience, Personal Growth & Social Change

Recently, digital storytelling has gained recognition and support and is now being used in a variety of community, health, educational, and academic research settings.
The Daniel Malka Photo Project seeks to contribute to this emerging arena of storytelling and documentation in unique ways that are child-centered, community oriented, environmentally sensitive, and designed to sustain themselves at the community level. The foundation of How They See is constructed by fostering resilience by nurturing both the individual and their community.
The program utilizes activities and methods that support the sensitive developmental periods of childhood and build on an individual’s own unique strengths while supporting the development of relationships and community participation. Resilience is acknowledged not only as an individual quality, but as a condition that develops between an individual and their social environment through the power of relationship.

The increasingly widespread use of participatory photography and storytelling has sometimes lead to excitement with the method itself rather than a deep attention to the benefits it can provide. The Daniel Malka Photo Project is firmly committed to, in fact, is driven by, constant attention and adaptation to the needs of the specific community, remaining sensitive to a groups social location and cultural traditions, and to always working to maximize the individual and community level benefits of participation.

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