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I am so thankful for all the support and emails about my project in Ruka.
If I could get 2$ for all the compliments on my work and photos, the Greenhouse I would like to build for the children of Ruka would be started by now.

I am very touched by all the great words, really.
However this is not about me!

I started this project for the children of this world that do not have the opportunity to express how they feel or how they see. The reason, they are poor and forgotten.

The Daniel Malka Photo Project is not a photography school, it is another NGO trying to put in a grain of sand in the the social injustice that dominates our world.

All I am trying to do, is create a tool for these kids to work, smile, and get all the basic necessities they need and deserve.

I am as new to this as when I processed my first roll of film, full of dreams and waiting for the story to unfold.

I flew to Peru, walked to Ruka, lived like they do, ate what they ate, not because I am a good photographer or because I want to be a hero. I have enough photography awards to cover a wall, and my life has enough happy and dark stories to write a couple of more books.

I flew to Peru and walked to Ruka with 15 kilos of point and shoot cameras on my back, because I am above all a dad and a human being who believes that all the children deserve a chance to make a difference in the future of this fragile world.
I lived in the hard conditions they live in to show them that that we are all the same, that they are not forgotten, they have no Facebook to show you what they see and how they live.

I flew to Peru and walked to Ruka because I have access to Facebook, the internet and other civilized and not so civilized methods of communication.

I made a promise as a man, a dad, a photographer a scientist and above all a human being with empathy and compassion. My promise was to exchange how they see for the help of other human beings in getting them proper nutrition and give them at lest a chance to be a little bit like our own kids.

THE DANIEL MALKA PHOTO PROJECT only carries my name because of ridiculous name registration constraints. It’s not about Daniel Malka photographer, It’s about all the Martas, Joses, Abrahams, Jesuses, Eliazars, Yersons, Renes, Oscars, Felicianos photographers who have done better with a 40$ camera than many of us with a 5000$ lens attached to a 5000$ body and many years of photography school.
They came running day after day, after walking one to two hours from school, to hear me, to beg me to use the cameras. They came at sunrise on week ends, after walking the donkeys, they came because I promised them that the other children of the world would know how the children of Ruka live and would see their Story.

So, as much as my colleagues get paid the big bucks to shoot a 100,000$ wedding or an advertising campaign, these kids deserve our help to be able to eat protein and vitamins once in a while for the work they have done with all their hearts, guts, courage and above all talent.

As a man walking around with a Canadian passport, I am a bit ashamed to say that the first donations came from Florida, Peru and other Latin American countries. The website stats show that 80% of the large traffic we get is from Canada. I am also a bit ashamed of all the camera stores in Montreal and Toronto where I spent many thousands of dollars could not supply a used point and shoot camera for the kids.

I hate and I am embarrassed to ask for money, but for these kids, after what I have seen, I could sit at a street corner with a hat and beg.

If we all give a buck or 2, we will at least make a difference for them and help them eat a normal meal and walk with shoes once in a while. They worked for it.

So, I flew to Peru and walked to Ruka to help these children and young photographers. I am only a man with a heart and a bunch of cameras.

So, if you want to help me in helping these kids, as photographers, human beings and citizens of this world, give a buck or two, and pass the word around.
After all, they are the heros.


YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE TO RUKA HERE You can contribute through PayPal System

You can also do it directly by Bank Transfer to DANIEL MALKA PHOTO PROJECT INC. Non Profit Corporation Registered under Canadian Federal Laws and Quebec Provincial Laws RBC Banque Royale 5701 Avenue Monkland Montreal QC H4A 1E7 DANIEL MALKA PHOTO PROJECT INC. Att: Luna Malka SUITE 202 460 RUE SAINT-JEAN MONTREAL QUEBEC H2Y2S1 Code Banque/ Bank (RBC) : 003 Code succursale (Transit) : 03901 Numero de compte/ Account Number : 1005073 Swift Code : R O Y C C A T 2 FOR ANY OTHER TYPE OF CONTRIBUTION OR ANY OTHER INFORMATION, PLEASE CONTACT US AT: contact@malkaphotoproject.org

Thank you.

Daniel Malka

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